Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Last blog here...please follow us at our new location

We have set up a new website through Shutterfly. Hope you will follow along with Annika's journey with us at:
If, you would like to be added as a friend to our Shutterfly webpage and recv notices when updates have been made please send me a message with your email and I can add you to our growing list :) Thanks
While little Annika sleeps in her bassinet next to us, Mommy and Daddy are working on filling in my baby book pages. We are stuck on the news headlines from the day she was born. We never grabbed a newspaper and trying to look it up online is proving to be impossible. Hmm, may have to call the newspaper on that one.

There a some things the baby book calls for that I will be saving for her scrapbook though so some pages will not have what they need. I think that will be okay with her though :0) kee kee kee

We are still working on getting her left eye all better from her blocked tear duct. Hoping it will clear up over the next few days and we are still able to have her pictures done. But if not we will reschedule for the following weekend when Daddy comes back home.

We also took some fun pictures of Annika in her first Halloween costum thanks to Grandma. Just too cute. Love it.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Introducing: Annika Yvonne

Our little miracle has arrived and is tiny and healthy all the way around :) YAAAAAA I was to be induced on Tuesday Oct 20 but thank goodness our little one loves her Mommy so much she gave me much need relief on Sunday October 18, 2009. She was born at11:33 AM weighing in at a whopping....6 lbs 1 oz :) lol and 19 inches long.

Believe it or not, the labor and delivery was the scariest part for me and going in to start out with being so exhausted I was a wreck. Thank you epidural :)))))))) I felt no pain of any kind. kee kee kee I started strong contractions Sunday morning about 1 AM. I tried my best to time and count them as they came. Finally at about 4:30Jim heard me in the other room and checked on me. I was having them very close and fast. The contractions on top of the other issues I had been having for the past 5 weeks almost made me pass out. We finally made it to the hospital about 6:30 AM and I was at 2 cm only. I prayed they would not send me home. They stripped my membrane and said they were going to keep me and I was relieved. Got into my delivery room and by 8 AM was at 4 cm. Then 9 AM only at 5 cm. I had a catheter put in for my bladder kidney issues, then the IV yuck, then came the epidural. It hurt going in but let me tell ya, what a miracle thing that little guy was for me. I felt no pain of any kind and it was the relief I needed to recoup for pushing. Around 10 AM or so my nurse checked in on me and I was not dilating fast enough for her she said. She was awesome. Gave me Potassium and off I went. By 11 fully dilated and ready to do my thing. We did a few trial pushes and it was weird cause I could not feel myself pushing. The nurse and Jim said I was doing great and she was coming fast. Called the doctor and after like 15 minutes of pushing Annika was screaming and letting us know she was finally here and not to worry. Feel better Mommy :) lol

It was one of the most amazing things to ever go through in my life and glad Jim was right there by my side the whole time. We have set up a webpage for everyone to view pictures and read journal entries as Annika grows up and becomes her own little person. If, you would like to view it here is the link:

Time to check on the munchkin and it's feeding time almost :) kee kee kee Loving the life changes!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

We have a date :)

Wow, things are coming along over this way. I went for my amnio this morning to have Annika's little lungs checked out and all that good stuff. Was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Thank goodness. Jim went with me and he has been my support system for sure through all this craziness.

We heard back from the doctor early evening last night that her lungs are mature and since she is in the down position and sitting way low she is more than ready to go. Healthy little one we have in there he said...YAAAAAAAAA.

So, I will be induced on Tuesday the 21st of October at 6:00 PM unless little Annika is ready to leave the nest before then :) lol

I have been having contractions since the amnio this morning and we thought my water broke but nothing has happened since the first indication something might be happening. Just keeping a close eye on things and taking it easy.

We are both so excited and nervous at the same time. I think all will go well but it's just getting through it for the first time ya know. We will keep everyone posted. Parenthood is right around the corner :) YAAAAAAAAAAAA

Monday, October 12, 2009

Pictures have been done :)

There is still a lot going on with me not feeling well and the countdown to the big day seems like forever away. Being sick or just feeling uncomfortable every day is hard to do for 7 weeks or maybe even more who knows. But, I am some how managing to make it through the best I can so guess that is the good thing right? :) lol

We finally had our maternity pictures taken on Sat afternoon and I was really excited. Felt horrible but I was determined to have these pictures done regardless of how I felt. Just something that is important to me and that I really wanted to look back on and remember years down the road. Now we wait for about a week when we will be able to view them online and can share the link with everyone to enjoy as well. Hope they turn out great. My hubby was a trooper during the whole thing and he has just been my rock during this rough time. Annika is lucky to have him for her Daddy and I so can't wait to see them bond and grow together :) I am soooo looking forward to Annika's first photo session within the first two weeks of her little life. I have some cute prop items I want the photographer to use plus she does amazing things with little ones. That's why I chose her, though she is expensive she will be so worth it for the memories. The props I have are for her Christmas photos so I think they will just be too adorable :)

I started washing all her preemie to newborn clothes and getting things washed up that have been exposed to all the dust in her room. I will be working on packing our hospital bag this week and starting to prepare foods to put in the freezer for easy meal time after she arrives. Just hoping I can feel good enough to do that over the next few weeks. Jim helped me pick out her coming home outfit this past weekend as well. She will be just too darn cute :)

I am also still very excited for Christmas this year. Since having NOTHING last year going to deck the halls I guess you could say. Just need to get a stocking for Annika and a stocking holder so she can be added to the rest of our families stockings on the fireplace. I have already picked up her first Christmas doll and an ornament to her from her Daddy that says To Daddy's Girl. Those will go in her stocking. Plus, Jim has an ornament from her as well. The only ornament I still need is the family one I get every year. Just need to find the perfect one. Plus the fur babies need their ornament too. Can you tell I am big on the dated ornaments and stuff. Just think it's fun to look back every year when we decorate the tree of all the fun times in our lives over the years :) I also booked my mom and Niece's flight put here for Christmas so it's all starting to really feel real. Now just need to figure out the menu lol.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Praying to feel better

it's been a long 3 weeks over this direction. From my hospital stay, to the kidney stones to the stint placed in for pain relief. On Wed of this past week I started having severe dizzy spells that would wake me in my sleep. They were very scary and lasted a few minutes. During which time I became very sick to my stomach as the room was still spinning around. By the time Sat rolled around and I was completely unable to move from the bed and stay out of the bathroom I called my doctor to see what I could do.

The symptoms I gave her told her I was becoming very dehydrated and to really start pounding the water as much as I could. Get more iron and all that good stuff. thank goodness Jim was home because no way could I have made food and taken care of our fur kids. The catch 22 was the more water I drank the MORE I had to use the washroom. It was a nightmare. By Monday I was completely a mess and unable to do anything with the pain and lack of sleep. Called my doctor and she wanted me to come in that same day. Sad part was, Jim was on his way back to Indy and I don't drive anywhere these days if i don't have to. I did force myself to go and made it there and back ok. Come to find out I now have, on top of everything else, a severe bladder infection. Oh Joy! So more meds and hoping they will be my miracle cure. Guess we will see but feeling hopeful.

On Sunday Jim installed the car seat in my SUV along with the mirror so I can see our little one the whole time. It was the reality check to remind me she could be here anytime within the next 30 days. Yikes. I am so ready but still soooo much to do.

We had to cancel our maternity photo sessions as well and that just broke my heart. Hoping she can get us in this Sat because these are photos I realllllly want to have. Keeping my fingers crossed she has an opening.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Will I ever feel normal again?????

I went for my follow up appointment today and nothing really new to report. That's not a bad thing either so looking on the bright side of things. They will be leaving the stint in until after delivery then immediately they will do a CT scan to see what is going on and where things are at. Then a game plan will be made. I am sooooo hoping they take care of everything before sending me home with little Annika. Just want my insides to function properly again and enjoy being a MOM :)

Jim and I are excited for our photo session tomorrow. I am praying with everything I have that I feel up to it and not feeling sick like I have been almost every day for the past 3 weeks. I have been looking forward to this day and just want to be able to enjoy it you know. It is only going to happen one time for us so enjoying it as much as possible it important to me. Let you know how it all goes.

We are also waiting to hear news on Jim's sister-in-law as she was being induced this morning with her 3rd child. a boy. I wish it were me :) lol Hope all went well for her and her little one and her are doing well. Pictures soon I hope :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Our little Peanut is just going to be little :)

I had a busy day today and I am tired but hoping that means I will sleep well tonight :) I can dream right :)

I finally made it out to have my hair cut into a more Mommy friendly style. lol I now have layers all over and around the face line and my hair sits right at my shoulders. I actually really like it. Think it will be much easier to deal with later down the road too. Have to start thinking about that kind of stuff ya know.

Then I had the ultrasound my doctor ordered for me yesterday when I saw her. They checked Annika all out and measured her and all that kind of good fun stuff. I am very little belly wise and they just wanted to make sure she is still doing what she needs to be doing before her big day. After all was said and done she is just perfect. She is healthy and smiles a lot. She measures at 5lbs 3oz right now and most likely will not be over 6lbs 5oz when she is born. She is just going to be tiny like her Mamma :) YAAAAAAAA I was relieved when I left the office to know she is all well and no matter how small I look she is healthy and doing well. That is really all that matters right now. Thank goodness I have a few PREEMIE clothes in her closet. lol

Thursday, September 24, 2009

What a day :)

Today I had my followup OB appointment after my hospital stay. I ended up getting my flu shot, getting swabbed for some bacteria and told my belly measures a little small for as far along as I am right now. My doctor told me not to be worried about the size thing as the same thing happened with both of her kids and it's usually nothing. But to be on the safe side of things I go in tomorrow afternoon and have an in depth ultrasound at the hospital where I had all my testing done early on. They will be able to check her all out and see just how much she weighs and her length and stuff like that. I'm not too worried cause I am a small person naturally and was tiny when I was born too. A big baby at my size is not that appealing to me for birthing reasons alone :)

After leaving the doctors I went back for Third Time is the Charm on my 3D/4D ultrasound visit. Apparently little Annika does not want me to see her whole cute little face at one given time. She just loves her hands and feet way too much to let them out of her sight or move them away from her face. We did get her on DVD though sucking her thumb. It was just the cutest thing ever :) kee kee kee Hopefully tomorrow they will give me some of the pictures from the ultrasound too then I think they will all be done and we will wait until her big day to see her in person :)

We are getting really excited and just can not wait for the big day. We know it will be here before we know it and I am READY whenever she is ready!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Picture time is almost here :)

I am starting to get excited for our maternity photo session scheduled for Sat Oct. 3rd.

I found this awesome photographer not to far from home and she just does some of the cutest different stuff with newborns and maternity sessions. I was worried we might not get in with her as she is so busy and books up really fast. But got the call today and we are all good to go. Then when Annika is born we call her to let her know and we will have our first pictures with her within the first 2 weeks of her little amazing life :) That session will be really fun and I just can't wait. Going to be lots of fun.

I just need to figure out now what I am going to wear for the maternity session. I have not 1 pair of jeans that fit me and the price of those things are just crazy! I would like to find a reasonably priced pair that do NOT have the elastic belly pull up thing. Hate those things and they make my belly itch. Guess that means Annika does not like them either :0) lol Go on Friday for a hair cut as well. Need a cut and style so bad it's not even funny. Been a long while since I have had anything done with my hair and I think it is just that time.

Tomorrow I go one last time for the 3D/4D ultrasound to see if little Annika will be more awake and ready to show off for the cameras. lol Last time she was a little sleepy and just really didn't want to be bothered. Keeping my fingers crossed she is more active tomorrow so I can see her cute little face much better and maybe, if we are lucky, she will smile and wave like she has done in the past :) kee kee kee

Monday, September 21, 2009

Our little girl is doing AWESOME

Today was hard and exciting all at the same time. I worry about leaving the house these days due to the kidney stint and the fact that I need a bathroom close by at all times. Ugh. So horrible. But little Annika is worth every little bit so I will deal with it for the next 6 1/2 weeks or so :)

I managed to go out and make it to the ultrasound appointment I had planned and little Annika just wanted to sleep through the whole thing. Not like her at all. She is always so active when it comes to those peek in moments. I ended up leaving the appointment and going back a few hours later hoping for better results. We were lucky at first start then back to sleep and in her little ball she went. She loves to be all rolled up in a ball with her feet and hands all around her little face. Go figure huh :) lol We did manage to get a few quick peeks with the hands and feet away from her face and during those moments she would smile and just seemed really happy. She has hair..YAAAAAA How cute. She weighs almost 5 lbs and she is all pudgy in the face and nose areas. She has the cutest little pucker lips I have ever seen and I just can't wait to meet her and hold her and just so ready to be a Mom and most of all a FAMILY!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

What a week it has been...

Not even sure where to start with this one but back at the beginning I guess. First off the childbirth class that wasn't.

We had our class scheduled for Sept 11 & 12. I was so excited and looking forward to learning more about labor and delivery and hopefully ease my mind on some things. Jim came home and Friday we arrived at class and all was good. We were there with about 9 other couples and the instructor was really nice. We toured the labor and delivery department and it was nice to see it one more time :) lol We were to return on Sat morning at 9:00 AM. I woke up and had not been feeling well through the night but this is nothing unusual so we we went on our way and arrived to class on time. About 15 minutes into the class I had to excuse myself to the washroom. I was gone for about 25 minutes when I returned and sat in my seat ready for the rest of what was to come. I was feeling a little better and figured I was good to go. I could not have been more wrong. About 15 minutes later we had a short break and I was hungry for one of the yummy bagels sitting at the back of the class. So I picked the one I thought I wanted and sat back down. Took one bite and I knew I was done. Class started again and there I sat suddenly feeling hot and instantly in a sweat. Then came the chills. I tried so hard to just pass it all off so no one knew I was not feeling the greatest. I could not hold it anymore and told Jim I think we need to leave and go home. He asked what was going on and all I could say was I just was not feeling well. He said let's wait until next break and if we needed to go then we could. Not happy with that answer I once again had to excuse myself and left class with all eyes on me wondering what was going on. I was so embarrassed on top of just not feeling well. I was out of class for what seemed like an hour before Jim came out to check on me and they called another break. I was in tears and hurting so bad it was horrible. I just wanted out of there and wanted to go home. We found the instructor and we left. The ride home was awful for me as I hurt so badly and needed the bathroom. The rest of the day I was in pain a never left the bathroom or my bed. I had called my doctor and she put in a prescription for me that Jim went and picked up for me. Then when that worked and I still felt horrible I called her back and we thought maybe I had an UTI going on so she prescribed me another prescription. Jim went to town once again to pick this up for me. By Sunday I had had enough. Called my doctor and off to the hospital we went. I cried the whole way and just hurt so bad. I was so worried about Annika on top of everything else. Just needed to know what was going on.

I was admitted to the hospital and they ran blood work to find that my kidneys were not functioning at peak levels and on pain meds I went. All I worried about was if these were okay for Annika and when would this horrible pain just go away. They scheduled me for an ultrasound on my organs for Monday morning in hopes it would tell us what was going on. My doctor came to see me Monday mid morning and she saw the ultrasound results. Lucky me, NOT, I was diagnosed with not 1 but 2 large kidney stones. Plus a small fragment of another one. Never having any issues with my kidneys this was a shock to say the least. With being pregnant there was not much in the way of options they could do accept keep me medicated on pain meds until Annika was born. 8 weeks away was looking like forever! They sent me home with a pain med perscription and off I went back to bed and in the bath tub all the time. Taking a bath was the only thing that would ease the pain even if it was only for a little while. Jim left to go back to Indy as he had something at work on Tues that he had to be there for and he hated to leave me there at home in so much pain. The pain meds worked for a little while but then started wearing off faster between pill doses and by Tuesday night I once again was headed to the hospital. I really never thought I would be test driving the Labor and Delivery department before Annika was ready to make her grand entrance but there I was again. They put me on a Morphine drip and I felt no pain once again and slept through the night. Just exhausted to say the least. His Mom brought me to the hospital and stayed with me until I fell asleep from the meds. The next morning my doctor came to see me as well as my Urologist and without many options because I was pregnant we just toughed it out with the meds until I was just done with them and we decided together to have a Stint put into my kidney to drain out the small stone piece that may be causing all my pain. Jim came home Thursday night an was here while I was in surgery Friday morning. All went wonderful though I was scared to death. Annika was a champ through it all and is still doing great. I feel like a new person after surgery and hope that after delivery they can remove the large stones and I will have no more issues. Keeping my fingers crossed!

I am no longer on pain meds and happy for that as I worried what effect they would have on Annika. I feel great and I can not wait to go home today. Just wtg for my doctor to come in and release me and off I go. YAAAAAA Home and my hubby here I come. I never knew that pregnancy can cause kidney stones but through all the pain I reminded myself of the blessing to come and it is still all worth it! They say kidney stones are WORSE than labor so I am thinking....Labor should be a piece of cake for me then :) lol I can only hope right :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

No appointment today :(

Today has been a rough go so far but I think all is going to be ok. I had to cancel my appointment for today where I was hoping to peek in on our little one and find out how much she weighs and all that good stuff.

One of my fur kids Zoe woke up with her little eyes swollen shut and I was an instant mess. It was so scary. She still looks horrible but took her to the vet and after blood work and checking out everything else they think it's just an allergic reaction to something just not sure what. So hopefully in the next 24 hrs we will see a change for the better and all will be good.

I have to call to reschedule my appointment tomorrow for hopefully sometime next week. See what happens.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

65 Days to go...Just so excited

I am just all smiles these days and each day passes it gets a little bigger. Little Annika is due in like 65 days and it's hard to believe the time has passed so quickly. Not complaining of course LOL :)

Today I went to Carters......not a good thing. Thought I would check out their end of the season sale, but they teased me right from the moment I walked in the front door. Not fair! They had all their Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas cute stuff right there in my face. I just knew I was in trouble. Yeppers, I bought her first Thanksgiving and first Christmas outfits :) Could not pass them up and I had to have them. Not that she needs any more clothes, but these are special 1st time outfits so I felt okay picking them up :0) I then went back to Hobby Lobby and picked up a few more Christmas decorating things for the tree and the house. Wanted to still get the sale prices on the things I wanted. Can you tell my mind is just running away with me these days? Can't help it. The biggest thing to ever happen in our lives is about to arrive and I want it to be everything we have always wanted it to be. Trying my best to make sure that is how it is now and will always be.

Next Thursday the 10th, I have my next doctor's appointment and I am going to ask for an ultrasound as I want to know her measurements and how much she weighs right now? I am very small so everyone tells me, but I am tiny myself and all has been wonderful so far. I just want to make sure she is growing and gaining weight like she should be and then I can relax. So I will get to peak in on her and see what she is really doing in there. That is always exciting. Plus, more pictures :) YAAAAAAAAA

Then on Friday the 11th and Sat the 12th we have our childbirth class. I am looking forward to this as I am hoping it will help ease my fears on some things like the whole labor process Plus, I just know Jim will keep me laughing and smiling through it all. He's just like a little kid these days when it comes to Annika and I am loving it for all it's worth!

Monday, August 31, 2009

The thoughts that run through my mind

It is early here in MO this morning and I have been awake for a little while. Sometimes my mind just starts wondering and doesn't stop....go figure :)

I am just so excited for Christmas this year that it has been on my mind since yesterday. Last year we really had no Christmas at all with the failed adoption early December, no decorations up at all and no family and friends to share it with. It was the saddest Christmas I had ever encountered.

BUT, this year, I am going to decorate like there is no tomorrow :0) Yeppers, the tree will be up, all my snowmen will be all over the house, the banisters will be decorated and lit up and I have decided our theme this year will be candy canes and snowmen. How fun will that be. Need to go do a little shopping for some things but that is the fun part so I am going to start that today. Hobby Lobby here I come :)

This will be Annika's first Christmas and it will be all about her. Yesterday I went to the Hallmark shop and bought her first ornament for the tree. I feel in love with the Baby's First Christmas Booties ornament they have out. I saw it online and knew I just had to have them. They are so precious and just too adorable to pass up. So I now have them and they will be perfect hanging from the top front of the tree for all to see. I even found the one that will go in her stocking but it does not come out until October. It is little Pebbles and it says: to Daddy's little Girl :) That will just be so appropriate to give her from her Daddy. Just can't wait. I am hoping to have both sets of Grandparents and one of my nieces here with us to share in her first Christmas but we will have to see how that all goes. I just know I am excited and happy and just can't wait. What a day it is going to be :)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Life's little pleasures

I think little Annika has finally run out of room in there. lol Everyone that sees me says that my belly is so small for being as far along as I am. I just smile and say she is healthy and growing strong so I am all good with a small belly. She will be a small little one and that is just fine with me.

I'm at a fun stage in our journey right now and it keeps me smiling and helps me get through my days. I always know where little Annika is at because she seems to like curling herself up in a little ball and finding just the right place to be in there. When she moves I can see her and when I put my hands on my belly she either kicks or pushes back. It makes me giggle. I am just enjoying this process as much as possible because the big day is getting closer all the time and the joy of that image in my head and the smile on my face is just so amazing to me.

I will say that though I am enjoying this time right now it has made lack of sleep even more of a problem these days. But, I seem to function alright during the day on little sleep so guess that is a good thing and will help me for those late night feedings and diaper changes. I do take a little nap during the day if I can get one and my body allows me to do so. Think those little cat naps is what helps my energy stay up there for the rest of the day.

Monday, August 24, 2009

10 Weeks to go....WOW

Where has the time gone? Can't believe today we are officially 30 weeks along on our journey to becoming parents for the first time.

How exciting it has been and it just keeps getting better and better. We are excited for the big day to arrive and can't wait to meet little Annika and hold her and just love and spoil her :) kee kee kee How amazing it will all be.

I will admit though that I am also scared to death of the whole labor/delivery part of this journey. It's all just so scary and exciting and just crazy when you think about it. Will I go naturally or will I have to have a c section for whatever reason? I want so much to be strong when this time arrives and just take it all in for what it is all worth. I fear the epidural as I am not a big fan of needles to begin with and the thought of one going into my spinal cord, doesn't sit well with me at all. I just worry I guess. Plus i don't want to be drugged up or have Annika drugged up when she first comes into this world. I am praying really hard I can do this without the shot so Annika can be all natural when she arrives :) Wish me luck. lol

Jim and I are still trying to sell our home so we can all be back together again before the big day, but as each day passes we become a little more aware that it just may not happen before then. We will be starting with our new realtor tomorrow or Wed at the latest as our old one just did nothing to help with our home sale at all. Kind of sad but we are staying hopeful that this change will at least bring some foot traffic through and you just never know what could happen.

I have been doing well and Annika moves all the time. When she is not as active and I get myself all nervous I use my handy heart doppler and I have peace of mind once again. Love having that little amazing device. I have not gained a whole lot of weight but my doctor says I am right where I nee to be and doing awesome. Works for me :) YAAAAAA Love my little baby belly and I rub it all the time. She gets to listen to music every nite before bed for about a half hour each night and I talk to her all the time. It's funny to watch when I put the headphones on my belly and she hears the music, she just moves all over. Cracks me up. She listens to Baby Einstein right now and she seems to really like the calming sounds she is hearing.

We now go to see the doctor every 3 weeks starting in Sept. But all testing is done, thank goodness, so they will be just routine hopefully quick little visits. We visited the hospital and meet the staff a few weeks back and we were really happy with what we saw and heard. Everyone seemed really nice and they showed us a round the whole unit. We are all registered with the hospital as well as the cord blood donation process. So, just need to wait for her to be ready to enter this world and life as we know it will be changed FOREVER. We are so ready :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The wonder of it all

We are now about 10 1/2 weeks before the big day is to arrive and we will meet our little Annika for the very first time. Hard to believe how fast time has gone by already and now the excitement is really starting to hit us both I think.

Jim is having dreams about holding her and her talking and just fun things like that. Me, I wonder will she have brown or blond hair, brown or green eyes, his nose or mine and most of all, I want her to just be healthy and happy :) Our little miracle has been long in the making and to realize it will be here before we know is just an amazing feeling like no other.

I was talking to Jim last night and told him how much longer we have and he said, "Yep, then our lives will truly be changed forever". It hit me right then and there just how true that statement really was. We will be forever parents so and nothing will ever change that. We will be 100% responsible for another life and all the joys and journeys that will come along with Annika. How amazing is that all going to be? Still hard to wrap my head around but I just know we are READY! Ready for the changes, ready for the laughs, the love and just ready to enjoy our family!

Friday, August 7, 2009

A little update

It's been a little while but not too much new to report. All is going exceptionally well and that is all we could ask for :) Hard to believe in 2 days we will be 27 weeks along on out journey with little Annika but we are enjoying every moment of it that we can.

Annika moves around a lot more these days and I often wonder if my belly will be big enough for her to continue to grow and not be all smashed in there until Nov. lol She seems to really like my left side and seems to burrow her whole little body there at times and my belly looks really funny when she does that. I laugh cause at least I know where she is. kee kee kee On the same token, when that happens it's a little painful so I try to make her at least stretch out and move over a little if I can.

Jim is really getting excited and anxious for the big day to arrive. I so enjoy watching the changes in him as he prepares to be a Daddy. Just makes my heart feel so full and so happy. He had a dream last night that he was holding her and she was only 3 days old and already talking in full sentences...I replied, that must mean she is going to be reallllly smart like her Daddy when she grows up. She gets to listen to music for a little while every night and she seems to really like that. She really moves around to that. It's just fun to watch her go :)

We finally bought our baby monitor so she is all good to go with anything and everything we can think of that gives her Mommy piece of mind.

The time will continue to pass quickly as it has been and we are ready to see and hold our little miracle. Come on November :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tried something new

Yesterday was my first time ever trying a yoga class. I thought I went in at least looking like I knew what I was doing, but boy was I wrong. lol

I arrived at the class with about 8 other pregnant women all of us due at different times. I was the ONLY one who showed up in tennis shoes and socks. Um, I felt kinda of stupid but then just laughed about it. I now know for next time though right :) The room was small and I guess from what the others were saying this class was bigger than what they normally have at one time. The room got a little warm at times and it was kind of rough to get in the mood I guess you could say. Now never having done yoga in my life I was sure I would still look like I knew what I was doing and would be okay. I learned that I really need to work on my balance and focus more and become a little more limber. ha ha ha It will be a process but as time goes on I am sure it will all just come to me and all will be good.

The class take me to the end of August and then for Sept and Oct I will do yoga from home up until delivery. Hoping this will help like they say it will when the pain of birth starts kicking me really hard :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Learned something fun today :)

I went in for my regular monthly check up and all is going great. No issues or worries at this time :) YAAAAA

When my doctor went to check for the heart beat she measured my belly for the very first time. My belly is at 24 CM. BUT, did you know that your belly should be the same size as your weeks along? I am almost 24 weeks come this Monday and my belly is 24 cm. I just got a kick out of that one. Never knew that before. I am learning a lot along this journey and it's all kind of fun :)

She then put the doppler on my belly and little Annika started moving all over. We were cracking up. She is a very active little one for sure and I love it :) When she sat still for a minute she listened to the heart beat and it was awesome as usual. But then Annika apparently had had enough and kicked really hard making the doppler bounce on my belly. I think she is tired of being peeked in all the

When I go in next month I have to have the Glucose testing done to check for Gestational Diabetes. Not looking forward to that at all. Have to drink this nasty stuff then wait like an hour and then get stuck for blood. Ouch.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

She's just Beautiful....

This morning was the big event and it was just amazing. We were both all smiles as we watched to see how much Annika has changed in the past 5 weeks. It's just amazing and hard to put into words.

We arrived at the ultrasound place to a line already started out the door. Too funny to see how many pregnant women and their hubbies came out to get a free 3D glimpse at their little ones to be. We were just in awe. Very cool :)

We were called into the room and as I got up on the table and things got started I looked at Jim when we first saw her on the screen and what a proud Daddy he was. That just warmed my heart to see and I will never forget that look for anything :) Her little adorable face is all formed now and she has gained weight since the last time. She sure does love her little hands and feet though. Cracks us up. She is curious She was once again very active and that is always great to see. I know I feel her a lot more now and it makes me smile from ear to ear every time :) Can just never get enough of that good stuff you know :) We ended up getting some pictures put on a CD because no way was I leaving without them :) lol We got some cute ones of her little feet which I think are just the cutest little things ever. kee kee kee We both agree we think she has Daddy's nose and that is a good thing. ha ha ha

She is just awesome and healthy and growing stronger every day. This is all we can ask for and all we pray for over the next 3 months and 1 week :)

We then stopped by the hospital where we will deliver and had a tour of the labor and delivery unit. Very nice area and large rooms. The nurses all seemed very nice and that gives us comfort for when the time comes. All in all a great way to start our day :) YAAAAAAAA

I have attached a few photos from this morning so enjoy. We love her so much already and can't wait for the big day come November.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Enjoying Life

We had a great Fourth of July this year and lots of fun too. Jim was home for a long weekend stay and my best friend from Chicago Debbie was in for a long weekend as well. We enjoyed the lake for a few days then came back to the house and had fun with my hubby and went to pick out fireworks together. Though it rained a lot on the fourth the weather gave us a break long enough to light of all our fun stuff. We had a great times and lots of laughs :) YAAAA

Little Annika is doing awesome :) She is moving around more to where I can feel her a lot and it make me laugh and smile every time. I listen to her heart beat every morning and it's still very strong and that gives me comfort. Love our little fetal doppler :0) lol

When Debbie arrived she had all these gifts that were from my Mom who also loves in Chicago. Jim and I unwrapped them on Friday night and can I just tell you....This child will never wear the same outfit twice :) Her closet is jammed packed already and she is going to be styling for sure! Too funny. We called Mom to say thank you and how cute everything was. We took pictures and will send them her way this week. I did however have to make Grandma more clothes. She is good through the fist 12 months of her little life to come.

We will be peaking in on Annika to see what she is doing in there next Sat the 11th. We have another 3D/4D ultrasound and I can't wait :) Bet she has changed a lot since 5 weeks ago. YAAAAA. So excited and just hope Jim can make it home for the fun.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy

What a great day this has started out to be. The only thing missing is Jim being home to see all the amazing first time things.

Today is my hubby's Bday and I had called to wish him a happy one first thing. I wish he could be here so we could celebrate it together but we will be together next weekend and will celebrate then.

However, Annika must have wanted to say Happy Birthday to her Daddy because just a few minutes ago...yeppers...I felt her move for the first time. It was awesome and just a wonderful thing to see my belly move and know she is in there and pretty active. I called Jim right after it happened and told him all about it. How I think she was doing the Birthday dance for Daddy and so wish he could be here. He was excited. I hope she is still moving around like that when he comes home for the holiday weekend. I really want him to be able to be a part of all these fun little things along the way as much as he can be.

I have been waiting for this moment and it was worth waiting for. She is just so special to us it's so hard to even put into words. We are happy and thankful for her blessing our lives and hope our journey continues with lots more smiles to come.

Happy Birthday babe. We love and miss you tons of bunches.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Amazing Relief

I just recvd my wonderful little relief monitor and how amazing it truly is.

I have been feeling really bad since Sat with a lot of pain in my lower left abdomen and I have not been sleeping for anything. I am exhausted and have been so worried about Annika. This is the first time since our whole IVF pregnancy journey started back in Jan that I have been this worried. It was really scary. This monitor allows me to hear her heartbeat and see it register on the screen whenever I want to. Love the technology we have today.

I opened the box immediately, read the quick instructions and laid down on the couch. Praying I would hear great things to ease my worried mind and I could once again relax. I cried and just listened for a little while. No more stressing over her as I know she is doing awesome and is healthy in there. Maybe now that I am relieved I can hopefully sleep tonight as long as the pain is not to bad. That would be such a welcome change for me right now.

Monday, June 22, 2009

I am entering the "Paranoid" part of our journey

I am officially 20 weeks today and find myself more worried than I have been at any given time since our IVF process started. I still have not felt little Annika move but I know she is active and in there somewhere :)

I keep up on others blogs and all that good stuff. Do my research when I have certain symptoms or hear something new from others that I know nothing about. Maybe this has caused my paranoia to flare up to super turbo level and I should just stop doing that all together. Who knows. I just know I need to know she is still okay in there whenever I want to check in on her.

I have rented a fetal doppler monitor and it was shipped today. It should be hopefully no later than Thursday or Friday :) Then, I will have that reassurance whenever I want it until she is born in November :) I will be relieved of my paranoia once this arrives in my hands and I have to tell you, that is going to be a HUGE relief in the stress department for me.

I know she is doing great and is healthy in there but since I can't feel her yet I need this for my own sanity. lol

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Go little Annika go :)))))))))))))))))

Today I called my doctor to see if they had the results of the malformation screening ultrasound I had done last Friday and to see if i could move my reg mthly appointment up from next Thursday. They had an opening today at 3:30 so I was more than happy to take it. I know our little girl is strong and moving all over most of the time but since I still have not felt her whenever I get to hear her heart beat it puts my mind at ease. Her heartbeat is still very strong and has been since 15 days of growing. We could not ask for more in that department :)

I really wanted to know how the screening went last week and as she looked over the results I felt a panic for a quick minute. Then I took a deep breath smiled rubbed my belly and said I knew she was just fine and perfect. My doctor looked at me with a big smile and said it all looked great and she is growing just as she should be. YAAAAA, She could see my relief immediately. Glad to have her back and not her fill in guy anymore. She said that she does not see that I would require anymore testing, unless I feel something has changed, until later down the road. This really made me smile and I told Annika the testing was all done and over with for a while. Think she liked that whole idea as well. lol

So now it's sit back and relax. Do as I am told and take care of myself as I have been. She is our little miracle and she is here for a reason and that's all we need to know. November will be her big month and we so can't wait until her big day arrives. The love we have for her is just so great it's hard to put into words. We love you Annika and Mommy and Daddy will hold you in our arms soon. Til then, keep growing strong and healthy in there.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jim recvd a surprise today :)

Hello. Today was a fun day for me as it was the day Jim recvd his first Daddy's day present from little Annika. Yeppers. I wanted to make sure he knew that little Annika loves him and can't wait to meet her daddy in November.

I went out and found all the old kind of candies we all grew up with and bought a kids sand bucket with a little shovel attached to it. then I bought some sticks and some flower foam stuff to stick the stick in and I mad him up a candy arrangement. Then I packed it all up really cute and decorated the outside of the box and sent it to his work. lol I also included in the box a small wrapped in pink package with the card attached to it from Annika. It was a little onesie that had this written on it: I have MY DADDY wrapped around my finger. I was so excited to hear how he would react to this package and I think it really made his day. he said he laughed when they brought him the box that was all decorated on the outside. I printed off some clip art stuff I had and cut it out all cute. There was a crying baby on the top of the box and then in big letters on the side of the box it read: My Daddy is going to be GREAT! He said he loved everything and it really meant a lot to him. YAAAA, you go Annika. Score those brownie points with Dad while you can. lol

Fun stuff. Next years Mother's day and Father's day is just going to be so awesome. We can't wait. See you soon little one. Mommy and Daddy love you bunches already :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Little Annika is a natural for the cameras already

Today I had my malformation screening ultrasound to check all little Annika's organs and bones. It was again amazing and his mom was able to attend this session with me.

I recvd some very cool pictures to share with Jim when he gets home tonight and I know they will make him smile. She is just so active in there for being such a small little thing. Hoping soon I will feel her moving in there as for now I have yet to feel that. The umbilical cord runs along the front of my tummy so they say that shields some of the movement and that is why it may take another week or two before I feel that fun stuff. Good things come to those who wait though right :) Yeppers. It's all good.

I will say though that my tummy is very sore at the moment from today's visit as they had to measure all the organs and bones and stuff like that to make sure she is growing and is where she should be in size on everything. All looked great so that is all I needed to know. Testing is now done and we can leave her alone to do her thing in there in privacy. lol

I have attached a few photos from today and I happen to think, Annika is a natural for the cameras already. lol Enjoy

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Do you want to know???? Amazing

Well, today was our big day and it was just everything I had hoped for, just amazing in every way. Our little miracle is the cutest thing All curled up in there safe and sound and just very active. We were surprised at how active this little one is and is about 5" long right now and I still can't feel him/her move. But I know I will soon and just being able to peek in and see keeps our mind at peace :)

So, what do you think we are having?????????????????? We are so excited and can now call our miracle by name and I can go SHOPPING. YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO That is going to be some kind of fun for sure. Take a look at the pictures and you will soon know what we are having too :) lol You will have to click the pictures in order so you know as you continue to look at the rest of them what our little one is. lol

We called my Mom on the way home and she was just sooooo excited and happy. It was a nice phone call to make. I really want to call his parents but his Mom wants to be surprised so hopefully she doesn't get word between now and delivery day. kee kee kee

Tonight Jim and I are celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary, which is officially Monday the 8th, but since he will not be here then we are having a nice home cooked dinner and some ice cream and just spending some time together before he heads back to Indy tomorrow :( Hate it when he has to leave. Just makes me sad. But I know in good time we will all be back together so that is what I hold on to.

Are you ready to meet our little miracle?????? Click away and enjoy. Just love our sweet little one. Going to be spoiled rotten :) lol

Hope you enjoyed meeting our amazing miracle Annika Yvonne Sokolowski She is already loved more than she will ever know :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We have a strong little one in there :)

It's been crazy times over here lately but all in all things are wonderful. Jim is IN and keeping very busy with his new job and I am here trying to keep things moving along on the home front in MO. Not easy but we are managing the best we know how and hoping soon something will happen and we can all be back together again in one place.

I had my regular doctors appointment today and he said all looks like it is going along as it should. He confirmed again that our little one has a VERY strong heartbeat and that's all I needed to know. I am a week or so away from feeling this little one move and sometimes I get a little worried when I am not sure what is happening in there. But when I heard the heart beat I was all good and ready to go on about my day with a smile:) I had some blood work drawn to run for more genetic testing stuff but not too worried about anything coming back negative.

He went over my test results from the fetal translucency test I had done a while ago and said it all looked great and didn't see anything to be alarmed about. He scheduled me for my 20 week ultrasound at the same place where they will check out all the internal organs from the brain all the way down to the toes so that one should be pretty exciting to see as well :)

Jim and I will know hopefully on June 7 if we will have a son or a daughter and I am very excited for that one. More excited that Jim will be able to be there to witness it all too for the first time and he is just going to be as amazed as I was the first time I saw our little one move around and stretch it's little legs and arms. I will update then and hopefully have fun pictures to share.

We are truly blessed and as each day passes our miracle is closer and closer to being in our arms very soon. We don't take our miracle for granted ever and are just enjoying what each new day brings our way.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

All is going great

It's been a little while since I last posted but all is still going wonderful and as it should. This is great news of course :)

We are excited about the upcoming ultrasound on June 6th in 3D/4D style to determine if we will have a little boy or a little girl :) kee kee kee Then instead of calling this one little one we can start calling him or her by name. That will be totally cool.

My belly actually looks like a cute little baby belly now and it shows very well even with my shirts on. I just love it and I am just smiles all the time. Feeling better and just enjoying the journey now is just amazing. I am waiting to feel the first kick or little hand push so I know our little one is doing well in there still. They tell me I should start feeling that stuff towards the end of this month so lots of fun stuff to look forward to.

The fur kids and myself will be making the trip to see Jim in IN for the first time over Memorial Day weekend and I'm excited. I have not been there yet so it will be nice to see the areas he has told me about that he would like to live once our home in MO sells. Plus, I can see him for a longer amount of time because I can leave and come back pretty much whenever unlike him. So it will be a nice time and I am really looking forward to it.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Good news came our way

It's been 10 days since our Nuchal Translucency test and no word from the doctor. Go figure. I had to call them only to hear...we have the tests results not sure why you weren't called. Story of my life these days. Drives me crazy.

Anyway, all the news was good and nothing showed as a concern at this time. This leads me to believe our little miracle is tucked away in there safe and sound and growing strong and healthy like we pray for every day. Jim and I have decided we will NOT be doing an amnio and all that kind of testing is now done. The rest is in God's hands and we will see what November brings. But right now I know in my heart our little one has all it's arms, legs, fingers and toes so I am happy and thankful for that piece of mind :)

My baby belly is growing and I rub it all the time. I am feeling so much better that I am actually really enjoying it all now. The first trimester was difficult with the sick feeling and wanting to sleep all the time. I t was hard to enjoy like I wanted to but in my heart I was always smiling and it helped me get through the rough days. I had to laugh and smile yesterday as I was getting dressed with clothes other than sweats tshirts and sweatshirts. I found a pair of my kacky capri's I use to wear to work and I thought to myself, no way will these fit me now. But I tried anyway. I was shocked, they fit me great I just could not button them. This tells me that I am truly ALL belly and still no To still fit into a size 0 at 14 weeks pregnant...awesome. kee kee kee I know it may not last but I can enjoy it while I can still do it right? lol

My next appointment is on the 27th with the doctor I really don't like. It will just be a routine check up so I figure I can manage one more visit with him before my reg doctor comes back. We are having our gender determination ultrasound on Sat June 6 at noon. Jim will be home that weekend and will be able to go with me and see our miracle in action for the first time. I can't wait. He will be amazed. Hopefully our little one will want to cooperate that day and won't be shy so we can start calling him or her by name and I can go SHOPPING :) LOOK OUT.

We will keep you all posted.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Still on cloud 9 today

I have to say that yesterday was the most amazing part of our miracle journey.

I started out nervous in the morning but also excited. Nervous about the test and what it would tell us but excited to know I would be seeing our little one for the first time in human form :0) lol

I met up with my girlfriend Carrie and her youngest son Conner who is 5. We had a nice breakfast at Panera Bread and headed to the appointment. As they called my name and we all walked to the door I asked the nurse if I could use the washroom or if she needed me to have a full bladder? She said lets get a few pictures and then you can use the washroom and we will continue from there. Okay :) She put the hot goo on my belly and then it all started. I laid there in complete amazement at what I was seeing and a smile so big I don't think it ever left my face for the rest of the day. Carrie and Conner were sitting to my left as the technician started doing her thing.

First she measured our little one to see if it was within the range it should be for 12 weeks along. All looked good there so we continued. She started at the top of our little one's head and you could see the brain itself and how it splits down the middle to right and left sides. Very cool. I wish they had given me that picture. Think I will ask for a copy when I go back. lol Then she showed the who body and started looking for the arms and legs. The little one really liked the position it was in because really didn't want to move from that spot. It was so funny. She had me roll over onto my right side and the little one started moving all over the place. It was just incredible. I laughed and Conner just thought what he was seeing was the coolest thing ever. She found all 4 limbs and I was glad to see the little arms, hands, legs and feet. So far all was looking awesome. I had forgotten that this was also a test to check for any abnormalities there might be since I am going on 39 years old. sigh :( Conner asked at one point if it was a boy or a girl and we said we did not know yet but will soon. He says, "If it's a girl she will come out with a bow in her hair" we all laughed and just thought that was too cute. Kids, just gotta love em :)

Towards the end of this fun journey she did manage to get a photo with the little one sucking it's thumb. That one just finally put me over the edge and the tears came. Happy tears of course but they still came. Then that part was over and it was time to give blood. The worst thing in the world for me and it had to be from the tip of the finger to boot. Yikes. I went into instant panic mode it was horrible. You would think I would be so use to that by this point in time but guess I will always and forever be a baby when it comes to that stuff. I survived and my finger tip is black and blue but it's all good. So know we wait for about 10 days to get the results and go from there. Hoping it all comes back okay because if they see an thing remotely off they want an amnio at 21 weeks. That just doesn't sit well with me and not sure the risk of a miscarriage is worth it to me. So, keeping our fingers crossed and praying all will be wonderful. I know it will be and I just know this little one is strong and a fighter :)

I have attached 3 photos from the viewing yesterday. Enjoy

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Scared me to death

Yesterday I went in for my regular OB appointment that I do every month. My regular doctor is on maternity leave and not due back until early part of June :( UGH So I had the doctor that is filling in for her.

I have never seen this doctor before and honestly, not sure I want to again. It was horrible. I was in a great mood feeling good and enjoying the sun being out for a change. Then, he walked into the room. He introduced himself and then started in right away with things like this:

Has your doctor gone over the many risks a woman your age could face during pregnancy?
Did she talk to you about these tests you should really have done to make sure the baby is okay?
And it just went on and on. It was horrible. I was scared to death and almost in tears. Then he proceeds to tell me that I really should have an amnio at like 22 weeks for even further testing just in case it shows something bad I still have time to terminate. I think my jaw just hit the floor and I wanted to bolt right out of there as fast as I could and never go back. My brain was going crazy and I was just a wreck.

Then he did the tummy check for the heart beat and when he found it he looks at me and says, "This little one has a really strong healthy sounding heartbeat for only being at 11 1/2 weeks." I wanted so much to say that this little one is giving you the big middle finger for scaring it's mother like you just did and that this little one is very healthy and will show you!"

I was smiling after that and knew the appointment was over. I walked out the door and had to stop at the appointment desk as I have my first genetic testing done next Tuesday and I'm very nervous. Thinking positive but it's still scary. Wish Jim was here to go with me but my good friend Carrie is kind enough to take some time in the morning to go with me so I won't be all alone. Bless her heart and I am so glad she will be there with me.

My belly is big enough to where I can no longer try to button my jeans so I mostly wear sweats right now. I love looking at my belly though and rub it all the time. I think it looks awesome and just perfect in every way :) lol

Keep everyone posted after Tuesdays appointment. Keep us in your prayers and fingers crossed :) We appreciate it. Thanks

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Maternity shopping...what fun

Okay, so as most of you know I am a tiny little person normally. Well, I am only at 3 moths and I can not button my jeans anymore and leaving them undone the zipper now creeps down. That is not a good thing at all. lol

So, today I decided to look at maternity clothes. With me being so tiny even the girl at the store said my belly is one of the bigger ones she has seen at 3 months. My doctor has already warned me that this little one only has one direction to go....straight out in front of me. Yikes, belly heavy I am going to be. lol

This lady at the store was very nice and really helpful. I was glad she was there and able to help me with things. I found some really cute tops and two pair of pants. I just don't understand though why the clothes have to be so darn expensive. It's just crazy and just frustrates me. Online pricing on maternity clothes just off the wall unbelievable. No way would I pay those prices. I left the store feeling pretty good about the choices I made and thinking I would be looking pretty cute soon. ha ha ha

Then I went to Kohls to look around. They were having a great sale. Love the buy one get one free items. Yeppers. I figured that the babydoll tops would also work just fine for me during the next few months at a fraction of the cost. So I bought a few things there and called it a day before my husband really got upset with me. lol

I was just enjoying being OUT of the house for a change and feeling great enough to do so. It's been a while. Hopefully the second trimester will be much better for me. I am praying anyway that is the case :) Think positive right? :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fast and furious

Lots of things have been happening around here and not feeling well here and there makes it hard to keep up our blog at times.

We had a very nice Easter as I was so excited to have Jim home for the weekend as well as our friends Georgia and her husband Cedric. We had a great time and lots of yummy food. Then Sunday came and they all left and I cried because I didn't want any of them to go.

Jim is doing well with his new job in In and they keep him really busy. This is a good thing though because now I don't have to listen to him say how bored he is all the time :0) lol

No home showings yet but we are hoping for something soon. The realtor brought in about 8 other realtors to view the house today so you just never know. Just trying to stay positive and hope for the best here soon.

I have attached a photo of my 9 1/2 week belly taken on 4/8/09. This is the one sign that really lets me know I am actually pregnant right now :0) lol:

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hoping to feel better soon

It's been a while since I last wrote because I have not been feeling all that well. I am taking it in stride and waiting for the second trimester to start in hopes that I feel better. Everyone keeps telling me it will get better after the first trimester so that is what I am working towards right now :)

I told Jim before he left for IN on Thursday that this little one must be a boy because it's kicking my butt. lol He said well then it's all worth it. And it is just wish I could enjoy the pregnancy more right now. I know it will get better and I will feel normal again but it's just different not feeling well for days on end.

Jim is staying in an apartment in IN and our home went on the market officially this past Sat. So now the waiting game begins. We are hoping we get lucky because I miss him so much and the time away is just to long. I want us to share this journey together as much as we can and distance is not a good thing. We are keeping our fingers crossed and hoping for the best. The good news is he seems to really like this place so far and I think he is going to do awesome in his new position.

He comes home this weekend and we have friends coming in from Chicago for the Easter weekend. I am so looking forward to seeing them all and just having some long over due fun. Hopefully I will feel good enough to enjoy them all while they are here :)

Monday, March 30, 2009

My first OB Appointment

Well, I just got back home from my first OB appointment. Man, I miss my fertility clinic already. Ugh. I just wait forever at my OB place every single time. I don't understand it but I just wait for hours. It's crazy.

Anyway, when she finally got around to seeing me she wanted to do an ultrasound of her own to see what all was happening. I was not against seeing our little one again so no problem there :) lol She said she was surprised to hear the heartbeat as loud as she did and that our little guy, yeppers she kept calling it a he...I just laughed and said my husband does the same thing :) She said the heartbeat is very strong and all looks to be doing very well.

She decided while she was there she would look at my ovaries since we did the whole IVF process. She said they looked great and bounced right back into shape it seems.YAAAA It's always great to hear the positives when I go in. Just gives me such relief and leaves me smiling even more than when I went in. Good stuff.

We received a nice package from my Mom today in the mail too. She found this Pregnancy calendar from Hallmark, her very favorite store ever. It's really cute and will give me something to do when Jim leaves on Thursday to settle in at Indy. Not looking forward to him leaving but it will all be okay so that is what matters right?

Friday, March 27, 2009


All is still going awesome this way with things. I have been very tired lately and do a lot of laying around and sleeping. It's a little hard to get use to because I am one that likes to be busy and I have lots to do around the house to get it ready for the market. This is a normal sign of pregnancy my doctor and others have told me so I'm not too worried. Just something to get use to and I am thankful that I am not having the sickness stuff yet. Hopefully I'll get lucky and not have that at all :) That would be really cool.

I was telling Jim yesterday that I don't think the little one likes it when I lay on my sides because when I do I feel yucky not long after and then I roll back onto my back side and all seems good. Go figure huh. Kind of funny.

I have my first appointment with our regular OB on Monday the 30th. Not sure what she will be doing since I just had an exam on Tuesday of this week but guess we will see.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The most AMAZING sound in the world :)

Well, today was the day. We moved our appointment up one day so we can take a trip to Indiana and look around this week.

I am so happy and sad at the same time. All is going AWESOME so far and that is the great news. The sad news is we are now being sent to my regular OB and no longer working with our fertility center staff. They are all just so wonderful and they have really made a big difference in our journey. I hate to have to go but I know it's the progression of things and it's all a good thing. We did all our thank yous and hugs as we left and it was sad to know we would not be back there until after our little one is born. if we are still in MO that is. We will send them pictures and all that good stuff as they have all their little miracles they have helped bring into this world in picture frames all along their walls. So our little one will be up there soon too :) YAAAAA

The pictures are incredible and when we heard and saw the hear beat, I cried and it was just such an amazing moment it's so hard to put into words. The heartbeat is strong like it should be, our little one is only 1 cm right now, just like it should be, and our doctor said everything just looks so great. That is all we needed to hear. He does say we are 7 weeks along and that makes me very happy. It brings us closer to that 3 month time slot.

We asked about my injections and when they might stop. He told me after April 1st I am injection free. YAAAAAAHOOOOOOO Those Progesterone shots are just a killer lately. Only 3 more of those to go.

It was a great peek in moment today with our little one and I am once again just smiling from ear to ear. This really is happening and I am loving every minute of the journey so far. Enjoy the pictures.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lots of changes ahead

Well, let it be said that the Soko family never does things a little at a time :) lol Does anyone know what the top 3 most stressful things in a persons life are? Think about that one for a minute.......Here they are:

Having a baby
Starting a new job

Yeppers, there it is...This is now our life as we know it today! Not sure how this is all going to work out but thinking positive and I know in the end it will all be great :)

Jim lost his job back in early Jan and has been working really hard to find a job that will be best for him and fair for our family. Though he really tried to find something in MO there just wasn't anything here. He accepted a position in IN and starts his new job on March 31. It's a great opportunity for him and I think he will be very happy with this company. They offered him a great package all the way around that made both of us smile and breath a sigh of relief. Everything happens for a reason right :) I will miss him during the week and it will be an adjustment for sure, but one day at a time and we'll make it through in the end.

So now he will be doing the traveling back and fourth until we get this house on the lousy market and it sells. So I will be working to get the house ready and trying to remain unstressed for our little one and myself. I can do it I can do it I can do it! I hate the thought of leaving our beautiful home we just had built not even 2 years ago and our lot is just something I will have a hard time parting with for sure. But we have to go where the job takes us and hopefully when we get to IN we can settle in for the long stay somewhere. Just going to be the process of getting there. Lord help us along this journey as we will so need all we can get :)

Jim will be going to IN here in a few days to look for his temporary living place and he mentioned he may not be here for our next U/S on Wed. I am hoping that is not the case as this one I am hoping we get to hear the heartbeat for the first time. I would hate for him to miss out on that one especially. We'll see what happens.

Lots to do and hoping for the best all the way around. We'll get through it and when life calms down it will all be worth it.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Being pregnant and sick is no fun

Well the past few days have been long tiring and boring. I am so sick of being sick and laying in bed all day it's not even funny anymore.

As hard as we tried to stay at opposite ends of the house while Jim was sick last week I managed to catch all his fun stuff anyway.Ugh, not good. I was very nervous as it being so early in my pregnancy and getting sick. So far I have managed to go without taking any drugs to help me feel better. I just can't bring myself to do it you know. I have been watching my temp but luckily it has remained normal so that is a good thing. YAAAA Jim has been taking wonderful care of me though and I really appreciate all he does for me.

I am looking forward to feeling better so we can actually be around each other more. That is the hard part you know. It's been rough but it's getting better so that is what matters.

We are looking forward to our next ultrasound on Wed morning and will keep everyone posted and have new pictures to share :) YAAAAA

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

OMGoodness, I finally took the shot :)

Today is a very warm sunny Spring day and we are just loving it. Windows open and ahhh ready for Spring :) YAAA

I decided to have some fun today and took a few BELLY pictures :0) lol I can't believe I actually have a belly. Cracks me up. Never thought I would see the day. kee kee kee Hope my little belly comes back to me when this journey is all done.I would be lost without the little thing. lol Enjoy. I bet you will get a good laugh like I did. Here you go:

Monday, March 16, 2009

Trying to fight off a cold

It's been a long weekend but the weather has been awesome. We are all ready for Spring and things are blooming and Jim has the waterfall going and all that good stuff. Love Spring time.

Jim was sick over the weekend and he spent most of his time downstairs while I stayed upstairs trying my hardest not to catch what he had. I am doing pretty good so far but have a little bit of the throat thing going on. Ugh, not good. But I am doing the whole gargle with salt water thing and it seems to be helping. Hopefully that will be all I will have to do. So not enthused that I may have to take meds if this doesn't work. Just not something I want to do at all if I can avoid it you know.

All is going well in the baby department. So far no issues and I am feeling great. Our doctor told us on Friday that all looks wonderful and whatever I am doing to keep doing it :) We go back in next wed the 25th for our next U/S at which time we are realllllly hoping we might get to hear the heart beat :) I am so hoping we do because that will really make it that much more amazing. Can't wait :0)

Friday, March 13, 2009

The number and pictures are in

Wow, what a long day already. lol Our doctor was running late today of all days. Go figure.

Well, any guesses out there on what the number was???????? We are relieved at the news we received and very happy we don't need to make any difficult decisions. This has put our minds at ease big time. Now I can relax.

We have 1 amazing little one growing all by his or her self and so far our doctor says it all looks wonderful. The lining is in great healthy shape and the yolk sac was very visible. This is a great sign now mind you :) We also learned that in IVF time line we are 5 1/2 weeks pregnant right now. YAAAAAA I was really excited to hear that news. We go back on March 28 at 9:00 AM for our next ultrasound at which time we should actually hear the heartbeat. Can I just tell you that that day will be the most amazing EVER!

Jim asked our doctor what their success rate was for this cycle group that we were in and he said it was 67%. That is just amazing. They are just so wonderful and do such amazing things there. So glad a friend referred him to us way back when. They have all made a world of difference in our journey by far.

I am attaching photos from today. 1 will show the yolk sac and the one that has the 3 white arrows in like a circle.....those are pointing to the actual BABY itself. It is just so darn cool. I cried..but this will be pretty common as this journey continues :) lol

Enjoy. Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers. They all mean so very much to us. We are just so happy and feel so blessed for all of you and for our miracle to be :)