Friday, September 25, 2009

Our little Peanut is just going to be little :)

I had a busy day today and I am tired but hoping that means I will sleep well tonight :) I can dream right :)

I finally made it out to have my hair cut into a more Mommy friendly style. lol I now have layers all over and around the face line and my hair sits right at my shoulders. I actually really like it. Think it will be much easier to deal with later down the road too. Have to start thinking about that kind of stuff ya know.

Then I had the ultrasound my doctor ordered for me yesterday when I saw her. They checked Annika all out and measured her and all that kind of good fun stuff. I am very little belly wise and they just wanted to make sure she is still doing what she needs to be doing before her big day. After all was said and done she is just perfect. She is healthy and smiles a lot. She measures at 5lbs 3oz right now and most likely will not be over 6lbs 5oz when she is born. She is just going to be tiny like her Mamma :) YAAAAAAAA I was relieved when I left the office to know she is all well and no matter how small I look she is healthy and doing well. That is really all that matters right now. Thank goodness I have a few PREEMIE clothes in her closet. lol

Thursday, September 24, 2009

What a day :)

Today I had my followup OB appointment after my hospital stay. I ended up getting my flu shot, getting swabbed for some bacteria and told my belly measures a little small for as far along as I am right now. My doctor told me not to be worried about the size thing as the same thing happened with both of her kids and it's usually nothing. But to be on the safe side of things I go in tomorrow afternoon and have an in depth ultrasound at the hospital where I had all my testing done early on. They will be able to check her all out and see just how much she weighs and her length and stuff like that. I'm not too worried cause I am a small person naturally and was tiny when I was born too. A big baby at my size is not that appealing to me for birthing reasons alone :)

After leaving the doctors I went back for Third Time is the Charm on my 3D/4D ultrasound visit. Apparently little Annika does not want me to see her whole cute little face at one given time. She just loves her hands and feet way too much to let them out of her sight or move them away from her face. We did get her on DVD though sucking her thumb. It was just the cutest thing ever :) kee kee kee Hopefully tomorrow they will give me some of the pictures from the ultrasound too then I think they will all be done and we will wait until her big day to see her in person :)

We are getting really excited and just can not wait for the big day. We know it will be here before we know it and I am READY whenever she is ready!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Picture time is almost here :)

I am starting to get excited for our maternity photo session scheduled for Sat Oct. 3rd.

I found this awesome photographer not to far from home and she just does some of the cutest different stuff with newborns and maternity sessions. I was worried we might not get in with her as she is so busy and books up really fast. But got the call today and we are all good to go. Then when Annika is born we call her to let her know and we will have our first pictures with her within the first 2 weeks of her little amazing life :) That session will be really fun and I just can't wait. Going to be lots of fun.

I just need to figure out now what I am going to wear for the maternity session. I have not 1 pair of jeans that fit me and the price of those things are just crazy! I would like to find a reasonably priced pair that do NOT have the elastic belly pull up thing. Hate those things and they make my belly itch. Guess that means Annika does not like them either :0) lol Go on Friday for a hair cut as well. Need a cut and style so bad it's not even funny. Been a long while since I have had anything done with my hair and I think it is just that time.

Tomorrow I go one last time for the 3D/4D ultrasound to see if little Annika will be more awake and ready to show off for the cameras. lol Last time she was a little sleepy and just really didn't want to be bothered. Keeping my fingers crossed she is more active tomorrow so I can see her cute little face much better and maybe, if we are lucky, she will smile and wave like she has done in the past :) kee kee kee

Monday, September 21, 2009

Our little girl is doing AWESOME

Today was hard and exciting all at the same time. I worry about leaving the house these days due to the kidney stint and the fact that I need a bathroom close by at all times. Ugh. So horrible. But little Annika is worth every little bit so I will deal with it for the next 6 1/2 weeks or so :)

I managed to go out and make it to the ultrasound appointment I had planned and little Annika just wanted to sleep through the whole thing. Not like her at all. She is always so active when it comes to those peek in moments. I ended up leaving the appointment and going back a few hours later hoping for better results. We were lucky at first start then back to sleep and in her little ball she went. She loves to be all rolled up in a ball with her feet and hands all around her little face. Go figure huh :) lol We did manage to get a few quick peeks with the hands and feet away from her face and during those moments she would smile and just seemed really happy. She has hair..YAAAAAA How cute. She weighs almost 5 lbs and she is all pudgy in the face and nose areas. She has the cutest little pucker lips I have ever seen and I just can't wait to meet her and hold her and just so ready to be a Mom and most of all a FAMILY!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

What a week it has been...

Not even sure where to start with this one but back at the beginning I guess. First off the childbirth class that wasn't.

We had our class scheduled for Sept 11 & 12. I was so excited and looking forward to learning more about labor and delivery and hopefully ease my mind on some things. Jim came home and Friday we arrived at class and all was good. We were there with about 9 other couples and the instructor was really nice. We toured the labor and delivery department and it was nice to see it one more time :) lol We were to return on Sat morning at 9:00 AM. I woke up and had not been feeling well through the night but this is nothing unusual so we we went on our way and arrived to class on time. About 15 minutes into the class I had to excuse myself to the washroom. I was gone for about 25 minutes when I returned and sat in my seat ready for the rest of what was to come. I was feeling a little better and figured I was good to go. I could not have been more wrong. About 15 minutes later we had a short break and I was hungry for one of the yummy bagels sitting at the back of the class. So I picked the one I thought I wanted and sat back down. Took one bite and I knew I was done. Class started again and there I sat suddenly feeling hot and instantly in a sweat. Then came the chills. I tried so hard to just pass it all off so no one knew I was not feeling the greatest. I could not hold it anymore and told Jim I think we need to leave and go home. He asked what was going on and all I could say was I just was not feeling well. He said let's wait until next break and if we needed to go then we could. Not happy with that answer I once again had to excuse myself and left class with all eyes on me wondering what was going on. I was so embarrassed on top of just not feeling well. I was out of class for what seemed like an hour before Jim came out to check on me and they called another break. I was in tears and hurting so bad it was horrible. I just wanted out of there and wanted to go home. We found the instructor and we left. The ride home was awful for me as I hurt so badly and needed the bathroom. The rest of the day I was in pain a never left the bathroom or my bed. I had called my doctor and she put in a prescription for me that Jim went and picked up for me. Then when that worked and I still felt horrible I called her back and we thought maybe I had an UTI going on so she prescribed me another prescription. Jim went to town once again to pick this up for me. By Sunday I had had enough. Called my doctor and off to the hospital we went. I cried the whole way and just hurt so bad. I was so worried about Annika on top of everything else. Just needed to know what was going on.

I was admitted to the hospital and they ran blood work to find that my kidneys were not functioning at peak levels and on pain meds I went. All I worried about was if these were okay for Annika and when would this horrible pain just go away. They scheduled me for an ultrasound on my organs for Monday morning in hopes it would tell us what was going on. My doctor came to see me Monday mid morning and she saw the ultrasound results. Lucky me, NOT, I was diagnosed with not 1 but 2 large kidney stones. Plus a small fragment of another one. Never having any issues with my kidneys this was a shock to say the least. With being pregnant there was not much in the way of options they could do accept keep me medicated on pain meds until Annika was born. 8 weeks away was looking like forever! They sent me home with a pain med perscription and off I went back to bed and in the bath tub all the time. Taking a bath was the only thing that would ease the pain even if it was only for a little while. Jim left to go back to Indy as he had something at work on Tues that he had to be there for and he hated to leave me there at home in so much pain. The pain meds worked for a little while but then started wearing off faster between pill doses and by Tuesday night I once again was headed to the hospital. I really never thought I would be test driving the Labor and Delivery department before Annika was ready to make her grand entrance but there I was again. They put me on a Morphine drip and I felt no pain once again and slept through the night. Just exhausted to say the least. His Mom brought me to the hospital and stayed with me until I fell asleep from the meds. The next morning my doctor came to see me as well as my Urologist and without many options because I was pregnant we just toughed it out with the meds until I was just done with them and we decided together to have a Stint put into my kidney to drain out the small stone piece that may be causing all my pain. Jim came home Thursday night an was here while I was in surgery Friday morning. All went wonderful though I was scared to death. Annika was a champ through it all and is still doing great. I feel like a new person after surgery and hope that after delivery they can remove the large stones and I will have no more issues. Keeping my fingers crossed!

I am no longer on pain meds and happy for that as I worried what effect they would have on Annika. I feel great and I can not wait to go home today. Just wtg for my doctor to come in and release me and off I go. YAAAAAA Home and my hubby here I come. I never knew that pregnancy can cause kidney stones but through all the pain I reminded myself of the blessing to come and it is still all worth it! They say kidney stones are WORSE than labor so I am thinking....Labor should be a piece of cake for me then :) lol I can only hope right :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

No appointment today :(

Today has been a rough go so far but I think all is going to be ok. I had to cancel my appointment for today where I was hoping to peek in on our little one and find out how much she weighs and all that good stuff.

One of my fur kids Zoe woke up with her little eyes swollen shut and I was an instant mess. It was so scary. She still looks horrible but took her to the vet and after blood work and checking out everything else they think it's just an allergic reaction to something just not sure what. So hopefully in the next 24 hrs we will see a change for the better and all will be good.

I have to call to reschedule my appointment tomorrow for hopefully sometime next week. See what happens.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

65 Days to go...Just so excited

I am just all smiles these days and each day passes it gets a little bigger. Little Annika is due in like 65 days and it's hard to believe the time has passed so quickly. Not complaining of course LOL :)

Today I went to Carters......not a good thing. Thought I would check out their end of the season sale, but they teased me right from the moment I walked in the front door. Not fair! They had all their Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas cute stuff right there in my face. I just knew I was in trouble. Yeppers, I bought her first Thanksgiving and first Christmas outfits :) Could not pass them up and I had to have them. Not that she needs any more clothes, but these are special 1st time outfits so I felt okay picking them up :0) I then went back to Hobby Lobby and picked up a few more Christmas decorating things for the tree and the house. Wanted to still get the sale prices on the things I wanted. Can you tell my mind is just running away with me these days? Can't help it. The biggest thing to ever happen in our lives is about to arrive and I want it to be everything we have always wanted it to be. Trying my best to make sure that is how it is now and will always be.

Next Thursday the 10th, I have my next doctor's appointment and I am going to ask for an ultrasound as I want to know her measurements and how much she weighs right now? I am very small so everyone tells me, but I am tiny myself and all has been wonderful so far. I just want to make sure she is growing and gaining weight like she should be and then I can relax. So I will get to peak in on her and see what she is really doing in there. That is always exciting. Plus, more pictures :) YAAAAAAAAA

Then on Friday the 11th and Sat the 12th we have our childbirth class. I am looking forward to this as I am hoping it will help ease my fears on some things like the whole labor process Plus, I just know Jim will keep me laughing and smiling through it all. He's just like a little kid these days when it comes to Annika and I am loving it for all it's worth!