Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tried something new

Yesterday was my first time ever trying a yoga class. I thought I went in at least looking like I knew what I was doing, but boy was I wrong. lol

I arrived at the class with about 8 other pregnant women all of us due at different times. I was the ONLY one who showed up in tennis shoes and socks. Um, I felt kinda of stupid but then just laughed about it. I now know for next time though right :) The room was small and I guess from what the others were saying this class was bigger than what they normally have at one time. The room got a little warm at times and it was kind of rough to get in the mood I guess you could say. Now never having done yoga in my life I was sure I would still look like I knew what I was doing and would be okay. I learned that I really need to work on my balance and focus more and become a little more limber. ha ha ha It will be a process but as time goes on I am sure it will all just come to me and all will be good.

The class take me to the end of August and then for Sept and Oct I will do yoga from home up until delivery. Hoping this will help like they say it will when the pain of birth starts kicking me really hard :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Learned something fun today :)

I went in for my regular monthly check up and all is going great. No issues or worries at this time :) YAAAAA

When my doctor went to check for the heart beat she measured my belly for the very first time. My belly is at 24 CM. BUT, did you know that your belly should be the same size as your weeks along? I am almost 24 weeks come this Monday and my belly is 24 cm. I just got a kick out of that one. Never knew that before. I am learning a lot along this journey and it's all kind of fun :)

She then put the doppler on my belly and little Annika started moving all over. We were cracking up. She is a very active little one for sure and I love it :) When she sat still for a minute she listened to the heart beat and it was awesome as usual. But then Annika apparently had had enough and kicked really hard making the doppler bounce on my belly. I think she is tired of being peeked in all the

When I go in next month I have to have the Glucose testing done to check for Gestational Diabetes. Not looking forward to that at all. Have to drink this nasty stuff then wait like an hour and then get stuck for blood. Ouch.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

She's just Beautiful....

This morning was the big event and it was just amazing. We were both all smiles as we watched to see how much Annika has changed in the past 5 weeks. It's just amazing and hard to put into words.

We arrived at the ultrasound place to a line already started out the door. Too funny to see how many pregnant women and their hubbies came out to get a free 3D glimpse at their little ones to be. We were just in awe. Very cool :)

We were called into the room and as I got up on the table and things got started I looked at Jim when we first saw her on the screen and what a proud Daddy he was. That just warmed my heart to see and I will never forget that look for anything :) Her little adorable face is all formed now and she has gained weight since the last time. She sure does love her little hands and feet though. Cracks us up. She is curious She was once again very active and that is always great to see. I know I feel her a lot more now and it makes me smile from ear to ear every time :) Can just never get enough of that good stuff you know :) We ended up getting some pictures put on a CD because no way was I leaving without them :) lol We got some cute ones of her little feet which I think are just the cutest little things ever. kee kee kee We both agree we think she has Daddy's nose and that is a good thing. ha ha ha

She is just awesome and healthy and growing stronger every day. This is all we can ask for and all we pray for over the next 3 months and 1 week :)

We then stopped by the hospital where we will deliver and had a tour of the labor and delivery unit. Very nice area and large rooms. The nurses all seemed very nice and that gives us comfort for when the time comes. All in all a great way to start our day :) YAAAAAAAA

I have attached a few photos from this morning so enjoy. We love her so much already and can't wait for the big day come November.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Enjoying Life

We had a great Fourth of July this year and lots of fun too. Jim was home for a long weekend stay and my best friend from Chicago Debbie was in for a long weekend as well. We enjoyed the lake for a few days then came back to the house and had fun with my hubby and went to pick out fireworks together. Though it rained a lot on the fourth the weather gave us a break long enough to light of all our fun stuff. We had a great times and lots of laughs :) YAAAA

Little Annika is doing awesome :) She is moving around more to where I can feel her a lot and it make me laugh and smile every time. I listen to her heart beat every morning and it's still very strong and that gives me comfort. Love our little fetal doppler :0) lol

When Debbie arrived she had all these gifts that were from my Mom who also loves in Chicago. Jim and I unwrapped them on Friday night and can I just tell you....This child will never wear the same outfit twice :) Her closet is jammed packed already and she is going to be styling for sure! Too funny. We called Mom to say thank you and how cute everything was. We took pictures and will send them her way this week. I did however have to make Grandma more clothes. She is good through the fist 12 months of her little life to come.

We will be peaking in on Annika to see what she is doing in there next Sat the 11th. We have another 3D/4D ultrasound and I can't wait :) Bet she has changed a lot since 5 weeks ago. YAAAAA. So excited and just hope Jim can make it home for the fun.