Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We have a strong little one in there :)

It's been crazy times over here lately but all in all things are wonderful. Jim is IN and keeping very busy with his new job and I am here trying to keep things moving along on the home front in MO. Not easy but we are managing the best we know how and hoping soon something will happen and we can all be back together again in one place.

I had my regular doctors appointment today and he said all looks like it is going along as it should. He confirmed again that our little one has a VERY strong heartbeat and that's all I needed to know. I am a week or so away from feeling this little one move and sometimes I get a little worried when I am not sure what is happening in there. But when I heard the heart beat I was all good and ready to go on about my day with a smile:) I had some blood work drawn to run for more genetic testing stuff but not too worried about anything coming back negative.

He went over my test results from the fetal translucency test I had done a while ago and said it all looked great and didn't see anything to be alarmed about. He scheduled me for my 20 week ultrasound at the same place where they will check out all the internal organs from the brain all the way down to the toes so that one should be pretty exciting to see as well :)

Jim and I will know hopefully on June 7 if we will have a son or a daughter and I am very excited for that one. More excited that Jim will be able to be there to witness it all too for the first time and he is just going to be as amazed as I was the first time I saw our little one move around and stretch it's little legs and arms. I will update then and hopefully have fun pictures to share.

We are truly blessed and as each day passes our miracle is closer and closer to being in our arms very soon. We don't take our miracle for granted ever and are just enjoying what each new day brings our way.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

All is going great

It's been a little while since I last posted but all is still going wonderful and as it should. This is great news of course :)

We are excited about the upcoming ultrasound on June 6th in 3D/4D style to determine if we will have a little boy or a little girl :) kee kee kee Then instead of calling this one little one we can start calling him or her by name. That will be totally cool.

My belly actually looks like a cute little baby belly now and it shows very well even with my shirts on. I just love it and I am just smiles all the time. Feeling better and just enjoying the journey now is just amazing. I am waiting to feel the first kick or little hand push so I know our little one is doing well in there still. They tell me I should start feeling that stuff towards the end of this month so lots of fun stuff to look forward to.

The fur kids and myself will be making the trip to see Jim in IN for the first time over Memorial Day weekend and I'm excited. I have not been there yet so it will be nice to see the areas he has told me about that he would like to live once our home in MO sells. Plus, I can see him for a longer amount of time because I can leave and come back pretty much whenever unlike him. So it will be a nice time and I am really looking forward to it.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Good news came our way

It's been 10 days since our Nuchal Translucency test and no word from the doctor. Go figure. I had to call them only to hear...we have the tests results not sure why you weren't called. Story of my life these days. Drives me crazy.

Anyway, all the news was good and nothing showed as a concern at this time. This leads me to believe our little miracle is tucked away in there safe and sound and growing strong and healthy like we pray for every day. Jim and I have decided we will NOT be doing an amnio and all that kind of testing is now done. The rest is in God's hands and we will see what November brings. But right now I know in my heart our little one has all it's arms, legs, fingers and toes so I am happy and thankful for that piece of mind :)

My baby belly is growing and I rub it all the time. I am feeling so much better that I am actually really enjoying it all now. The first trimester was difficult with the sick feeling and wanting to sleep all the time. I t was hard to enjoy like I wanted to but in my heart I was always smiling and it helped me get through the rough days. I had to laugh and smile yesterday as I was getting dressed with clothes other than sweats tshirts and sweatshirts. I found a pair of my kacky capri's I use to wear to work and I thought to myself, no way will these fit me now. But I tried anyway. I was shocked, they fit me great I just could not button them. This tells me that I am truly ALL belly and still no To still fit into a size 0 at 14 weeks pregnant...awesome. kee kee kee I know it may not last but I can enjoy it while I can still do it right? lol

My next appointment is on the 27th with the doctor I really don't like. It will just be a routine check up so I figure I can manage one more visit with him before my reg doctor comes back. We are having our gender determination ultrasound on Sat June 6 at noon. Jim will be home that weekend and will be able to go with me and see our miracle in action for the first time. I can't wait. He will be amazed. Hopefully our little one will want to cooperate that day and won't be shy so we can start calling him or her by name and I can go SHOPPING :) LOOK OUT.

We will keep you all posted.