Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Still on cloud 9 today

I have to say that yesterday was the most amazing part of our miracle journey.

I started out nervous in the morning but also excited. Nervous about the test and what it would tell us but excited to know I would be seeing our little one for the first time in human form :0) lol

I met up with my girlfriend Carrie and her youngest son Conner who is 5. We had a nice breakfast at Panera Bread and headed to the appointment. As they called my name and we all walked to the door I asked the nurse if I could use the washroom or if she needed me to have a full bladder? She said lets get a few pictures and then you can use the washroom and we will continue from there. Okay :) She put the hot goo on my belly and then it all started. I laid there in complete amazement at what I was seeing and a smile so big I don't think it ever left my face for the rest of the day. Carrie and Conner were sitting to my left as the technician started doing her thing.

First she measured our little one to see if it was within the range it should be for 12 weeks along. All looked good there so we continued. She started at the top of our little one's head and you could see the brain itself and how it splits down the middle to right and left sides. Very cool. I wish they had given me that picture. Think I will ask for a copy when I go back. lol Then she showed the who body and started looking for the arms and legs. The little one really liked the position it was in because really didn't want to move from that spot. It was so funny. She had me roll over onto my right side and the little one started moving all over the place. It was just incredible. I laughed and Conner just thought what he was seeing was the coolest thing ever. She found all 4 limbs and I was glad to see the little arms, hands, legs and feet. So far all was looking awesome. I had forgotten that this was also a test to check for any abnormalities there might be since I am going on 39 years old. sigh :( Conner asked at one point if it was a boy or a girl and we said we did not know yet but will soon. He says, "If it's a girl she will come out with a bow in her hair" we all laughed and just thought that was too cute. Kids, just gotta love em :)

Towards the end of this fun journey she did manage to get a photo with the little one sucking it's thumb. That one just finally put me over the edge and the tears came. Happy tears of course but they still came. Then that part was over and it was time to give blood. The worst thing in the world for me and it had to be from the tip of the finger to boot. Yikes. I went into instant panic mode it was horrible. You would think I would be so use to that by this point in time but guess I will always and forever be a baby when it comes to that stuff. I survived and my finger tip is black and blue but it's all good. So know we wait for about 10 days to get the results and go from there. Hoping it all comes back okay because if they see an thing remotely off they want an amnio at 21 weeks. That just doesn't sit well with me and not sure the risk of a miscarriage is worth it to me. So, keeping our fingers crossed and praying all will be wonderful. I know it will be and I just know this little one is strong and a fighter :)

I have attached 3 photos from the viewing yesterday. Enjoy

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Scared me to death

Yesterday I went in for my regular OB appointment that I do every month. My regular doctor is on maternity leave and not due back until early part of June :( UGH So I had the doctor that is filling in for her.

I have never seen this doctor before and honestly, not sure I want to again. It was horrible. I was in a great mood feeling good and enjoying the sun being out for a change. Then, he walked into the room. He introduced himself and then started in right away with things like this:

Has your doctor gone over the many risks a woman your age could face during pregnancy?
Did she talk to you about these tests you should really have done to make sure the baby is okay?
And it just went on and on. It was horrible. I was scared to death and almost in tears. Then he proceeds to tell me that I really should have an amnio at like 22 weeks for even further testing just in case it shows something bad I still have time to terminate. I think my jaw just hit the floor and I wanted to bolt right out of there as fast as I could and never go back. My brain was going crazy and I was just a wreck.

Then he did the tummy check for the heart beat and when he found it he looks at me and says, "This little one has a really strong healthy sounding heartbeat for only being at 11 1/2 weeks." I wanted so much to say that this little one is giving you the big middle finger for scaring it's mother like you just did and that this little one is very healthy and will show you!"

I was smiling after that and knew the appointment was over. I walked out the door and had to stop at the appointment desk as I have my first genetic testing done next Tuesday and I'm very nervous. Thinking positive but it's still scary. Wish Jim was here to go with me but my good friend Carrie is kind enough to take some time in the morning to go with me so I won't be all alone. Bless her heart and I am so glad she will be there with me.

My belly is big enough to where I can no longer try to button my jeans so I mostly wear sweats right now. I love looking at my belly though and rub it all the time. I think it looks awesome and just perfect in every way :) lol

Keep everyone posted after Tuesdays appointment. Keep us in your prayers and fingers crossed :) We appreciate it. Thanks

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Maternity shopping...what fun

Okay, so as most of you know I am a tiny little person normally. Well, I am only at 3 moths and I can not button my jeans anymore and leaving them undone the zipper now creeps down. That is not a good thing at all. lol

So, today I decided to look at maternity clothes. With me being so tiny even the girl at the store said my belly is one of the bigger ones she has seen at 3 months. My doctor has already warned me that this little one only has one direction to go....straight out in front of me. Yikes, belly heavy I am going to be. lol

This lady at the store was very nice and really helpful. I was glad she was there and able to help me with things. I found some really cute tops and two pair of pants. I just don't understand though why the clothes have to be so darn expensive. It's just crazy and just frustrates me. Online pricing on maternity clothes just off the wall unbelievable. No way would I pay those prices. I left the store feeling pretty good about the choices I made and thinking I would be looking pretty cute soon. ha ha ha

Then I went to Kohls to look around. They were having a great sale. Love the buy one get one free items. Yeppers. I figured that the babydoll tops would also work just fine for me during the next few months at a fraction of the cost. So I bought a few things there and called it a day before my husband really got upset with me. lol

I was just enjoying being OUT of the house for a change and feeling great enough to do so. It's been a while. Hopefully the second trimester will be much better for me. I am praying anyway that is the case :) Think positive right? :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fast and furious

Lots of things have been happening around here and not feeling well here and there makes it hard to keep up our blog at times.

We had a very nice Easter as I was so excited to have Jim home for the weekend as well as our friends Georgia and her husband Cedric. We had a great time and lots of yummy food. Then Sunday came and they all left and I cried because I didn't want any of them to go.

Jim is doing well with his new job in In and they keep him really busy. This is a good thing though because now I don't have to listen to him say how bored he is all the time :0) lol

No home showings yet but we are hoping for something soon. The realtor brought in about 8 other realtors to view the house today so you just never know. Just trying to stay positive and hope for the best here soon.

I have attached a photo of my 9 1/2 week belly taken on 4/8/09. This is the one sign that really lets me know I am actually pregnant right now :0) lol:

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hoping to feel better soon

It's been a while since I last wrote because I have not been feeling all that well. I am taking it in stride and waiting for the second trimester to start in hopes that I feel better. Everyone keeps telling me it will get better after the first trimester so that is what I am working towards right now :)

I told Jim before he left for IN on Thursday that this little one must be a boy because it's kicking my butt. lol He said well then it's all worth it. And it is just wish I could enjoy the pregnancy more right now. I know it will get better and I will feel normal again but it's just different not feeling well for days on end.

Jim is staying in an apartment in IN and our home went on the market officially this past Sat. So now the waiting game begins. We are hoping we get lucky because I miss him so much and the time away is just to long. I want us to share this journey together as much as we can and distance is not a good thing. We are keeping our fingers crossed and hoping for the best. The good news is he seems to really like this place so far and I think he is going to do awesome in his new position.

He comes home this weekend and we have friends coming in from Chicago for the Easter weekend. I am so looking forward to seeing them all and just having some long over due fun. Hopefully I will feel good enough to enjoy them all while they are here :)